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Shop now for the best fashion finds at unbeatable discounts!
Shop now for the best fashion finds at unbeatable discounts!

Breathable POLO Shirt

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Color: Black



Length 68cm BUST 98 Shoulder 42 Sleeve 20cm
L Length 70cm BUST 102 Shoulder 43 Sleeve 21cm
XL Length 72cm BUST 106 Shoulder 45 Sleeve 21cm
2XL Length 74cm BUST 110 Shoulder 46 Sleeve 21cm
3XL Length 76cm  BUST 115 Shoulder 48 Sleeve 22cm
4XL Length 78cm BUST 120 Shoulder 49 Sleeve 22cm

The Perfect POLO Shirt for Professionals

Designed with a business casual edge, our Breathable POLO Shirt is ideal for work and meetings. The stylish design ensures you stay sharp while the breathable fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Sweat-Absorbing Performance

This shirt isn't just about style; it's built for action. The sweat-absorbing fabric ensures you stay dry and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for active individuals and busy days. 

Elevate Your Style with Our POLO Shirt

Whether you're dressing up for a meeting or going casual for a weekend outing, the Breathable POLO Shirt is a versatile wardrobe essential. Its timeless design adds an air of sophistication to any look.


Effortless Elegance, Everyday Comfort

Unleash the power of effortless style and everyday comfort with our Breathable POLO Shirt. Whether you're navigating a busy day at the office or savoring a weekend adventure, this shirt is your reliable companion for staying cool and refined.


  What is the fabric of the Breathable POLO Shirt made of?

The shirt is crafted from a high-quality and breathable fabric designed for comfort in warm weather. The specific material composition may vary, so please refer to the product details for precise information.

Is the Breathable POLO Shirt suitable for casual occasions as well?

Absolutely! Our shirt is versatile and can be worn for both business casual and casual occasions. Its timeless design ensures you look stylish and feel comfortable no matter where you go.

Does the shirt come in different colors and sizes?

Yes, we offer a range of colors and sizes to suit your preferences. Please check the product options to select the color and size that best fits your style and body type.

How do I care for and clean the Breathable POLO Shirt?

We recommend machine washing the shirt with like colors in cold water and using a mild detergent. To maintain its quality, avoid using bleach, and follow the care instructions provided on the product label.

Is the shirt suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities?

Yes, the Breathable POLO Shirt is designed to be adaptable to various settings. Whether you're indoors for a meeting or outdoors for a social gathering, it offers comfort and style.